ZEISS Sporting Optical Products Now Available

The moment the view turns into something unforgettable reach for ZEISS Optics for a closer look!

Bird watching

Whether you are enjoying a quiet moment in nature or a major sporting event in a large stadium, get up close with optical quality, brightness, and crispness of an image that is truly stunning.

Watch the Big Game

ZEISS offers an extensive line of binoculars and other sport optic products that provide the ideal viewing solution for every sporting application from bird watching to water sports and more. Piedmont EyeCare now carries a select group of binoculars in stock and can order additional products by request.

Visit the ZEISS Product Advisor to shop for the perfect product for your sporting needs! Then, stop by our optical department to see for yourself why the doctors at Piedmont EyeCare use ZEISS Sport Optics!

Special Order Options

Not only do we carry a variety of binoculars in the office but we can special order any other ZEISS product. Hunters looking for scope optics will appreciate the quality of ZEISS. More information on these products can be found at the ZEISS Hunting Product Advisor